ELESVEE Student Auditions

Auditions are always open.  Looking forward to hearing you sing. All the details you need are below.
Thank you all for your interest in ELESVEE!

1.  Vocal training is not centered on classical vocal techniques, although some are certainly relevant regardless of genre specific singing.  The individual and ensemble training is centered on all genres of popular music.  Therefore, even though the ability to read music is always an asset, you will not be tested on it, nor will you be judged for not reading music.

What I care about is your “ear.” IE, the ability to listen and reproduce pitch and style immediately.- Gary Powell

 To demonstrate: Here is a video from this semester of the 109 women who were given the challenge of adopting this vocal style in perfect unison in under 45 minutes.

2.  Okay, stick with me on this one:  Your voice is important, but your ear and how it enhances your ability to sing is more important.   So, you can expect some unconventional ear training in becoming the best singer possible.

TIP: Your ability to sing in tune (accuracy of intonation) is paramount.  I’d rather have a simple voice singing perfectly in tune than a fabulous voice singing out of tune.

3.  All ages are eligible to register for Elesvee after being accepted by audition.  The ability to read music is not required.

4. In auditions, you are welcome to bring recorded tracks, sheet music, or an accompanist.

8.  Hopefully, the level of competition will not intimidate you from showing up.  Maybe you have something undiscovered about your singing.  Let’s find out.  In doing vocal workshops around the country, I sometimes find singers hiding out as sax players or cellists.  They were just brave enough to show up and then we all benefited.   Your big break is up to you.

8.  Choose songs that you can sing in tune. (see #2 Tip) Some of you are songwriters, so if you like, perform your own songs.  Elesvee sings in many different genres, so I suggest choosing two songs, each in a different style.  Some of you are musical theater singers.  Great, bring it!   Gospel singers, bring it!  Jazz singers, bring it!  Singer/songwriters, bring it!  You get the point, right?

9.  It is likely that I will stop you in the middle of a song.  Don’t take it personally.  I will also do some fun exercises at the piano to learn a little more about your “ear.”

10. Life is short.  Bring the fun!

12.  Still have questions?  Email or text Gary Powell directly.

512-970-8888 (mobile)

For More Details, please visit the ELESVEE Site