“Composer’s Choice”

Come join the personal freedom movement. Gary shares selected songs and stories from all his shows as he feels appropriate in the moment. Loosely scripted, tightly performed…… COMPOSER’S CHOICE

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Breathe. This won’t hurt at all – not unless you are a bundle of oppressed nerves looking for some reflection of perfection. What you will find is the release from it…..from oppression, denial, betrayal and most of the other modern-day maladies. Gary Powell’s menu of shows wash complex ideas easily over his audiences. If not sure which show you might enjoy, then “Composer’s Choice” is the answer. Gary introduces songs from each show with several appearances of guest artists. But, even “Composer’s Choice” will never be the same.

Helen DarlingLizzie BrooksKenna Chris
                                        Helen Darling, singer                        Kenna Chris, singer

Lizzie Brooks “Performance Yoga”


  1. 3-24-2012

    Composer’s Choice was great. Very entertaining and moving. You have got some great talent performing with you. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
    Best regards, Tom Granger (Austin, Texas)

  2. 3-24-2012

    I thoroughly enjoyed Composer’s Choice on opening night. It was such a unique theater experience with a wonderful mix of formal concert, dramatic theatrical production, a splash of Victor Borge, a dash of Cirque du Soleil, a heavy dose of reflection and a heart full of introspection that made the audience experience so many emotions. It was humorous, contemplative, musical, free-flowing, poignant, unpredictable, sincere, and most of all, entertaining. Thank you for sharing your music, your stories and your experiences with all of us.
    Eddie Martinez (Austin, Texas)

  3. 3-25-2012


    Wow, what a pleasure it was to sit and watch you in action. The depth and breadth of the show and your talent was such fun to watch. I admire your devotion to your music and writing and look forward to more times ahead to enjoy you sharing it.

    My very best to you and your crew of talented people.

    Sherry McDuff (Spring, Texas)

  4. 3-26-2012

    Gary Powell —- your music, playing, singing, HUGE. so many talents … it was an honor to be in your audience. thank you. I look forward to April 28th… and the George Washington Carver venue is a beautiful theatre space. The evening’s themes were intriguing.. deep.. intense.. complex… melancholy… a special evening with such a talented, sensitive, and caring artist. We enjoyed the humor you peppered throughout the piece… loved the “Boys in Red” – a hoot! The young lady … Kenna Chris.. awesome… and the Yoga master, Lizzie Brooks – lovely lovely lovely.
    This show was SO very personal … I felt for you at the end, when your emotions poured out .. you seemed so vulnerable on that stage, all alone, expressing your inner feelings…we wanted to run down and give you a big hug … See you again at the April 28th for “Aristotle’s Prayer” .. and thank you again for your gift of this memorable evening …. (Austin, Texas)

  5. 3-28-2012

    I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your show on Saturday. I was completely enthralled and in awe of your talent and humor and wisdom. Helen and Kenna were incredible. I got tears in my eyes with yours and Kenna’s Angel Dust for Two. The performance yogi, Lizzie, was spellbounding! I am so inspired by her.

    Thanks for opening your heart and mind and sharing your gifts of light and love, and of course, your music. I will attend every one of your next shows and will be sure to tell my friends and family. (Austin, Texas)

  6. 3-28-2012

    Mr. Powell’s thought-provoking performance last Saturday evening has yet to stop echoing at our dinner table! His focused commentaries, captivating graphic/video backdrops and audience participation opportunities kept us all on our toes as we found ourselves swaying in rhythm to his music. Hardly an “armchair philosopher,” this man shared insights that could only come from one who’s been in the trenches and stood on the summits of our human adventure — no doubt with eyes wide open and sense humor on “stun.” What a memorable treat! (Austin, Texas)

  7. 3-28-2012

    Gary Powell, in his recent production of ‘Composer’s Choice’, created a dynamic musical journey for the audience that was brilliantly crafted and masterfully executed.

    Music makes life dance. Gary tenderly and generously wove layers of life and love into an extraordinary tapestry of performance art. The experience for me was profound, and I cannot wait for the next show.

    Bravo! (Bryan, Texas)

  8. 3-29-2012

    We thoroughly enjoyed your show…each performer, so very talented!!! Thank you for sharing your incredible gifts. You rock. (Austin, Texas)

  9. 3-29-2012

    What a moving evening! We truly enjoyed looking through all the windows into Gary’s life, his heart, his mind, and, of course, his music. What an extraordinarily lovely and loving, witty and self-effacing, thoughtful and bright person he is. He makes me proud to be a human. (Austin, Texas)

  10. 3-30-2012

    “Composer’s Choice” was – emotionally moving, thought provoking, metaphysical, spiritual, and funny! (Temple, Texas)

  11. 3-31-2012

    You delivered a haunting and memorable performance. (Leander, Texas)

  12. 4-2-2012

    Gary Powell’s concert was next to spectacular, and I’m really honored to have been a part of it (even though my role was that of being merely a witness). Gary and his group were a splendid blend in Composer’s Choice. It was so amazingly wonderful that I was indeed moved to tears on more than one occasion! The way it ended with his speech was so touching and the message about one’s breath being priceless was extremely beautiful.

    I’d definitely recommend anybody, who has at least a decent flair for some mind-boggling music, to go check out this amazing show! (Austin, Texas)

  13. 4-2-2012

    Gary Powell set a new standard for concerts with “Composer’s Choice!” The music was hauntingly beautiful and he allowed the audience to see behind the music to the heart of where it started with his soul. I was moved to tears of joy and depth! His small cast made a huge impact, perfectly picked to bring out the fullness of each composition! This was a wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing “Aristotle’s Prayer” and “Maybe I’m It – Maybe I’m Not!” (San Antonio, Texas)

  14. 4-3-2012

    Mr. Powell’s show is different. It’s a collage of one man’s life struggle to Meet Himself and to evolve his expectations into something quite different than he planned. In other words, it’s just like all of our lives… Would we recognize the person we are now? Go see Gary Powell without any expectation that it will be like any other “show” you have ever seen. Gary bravely speaks right to your heart and your heart answers back… (Huntsville, Texas)