“Maybe I’m It – Maybe I’m Not”

Gary’s book of the same title is a collection of stories and original songs from teaching music in the Texas Women’s Prison to being a Cruise Director on the high seas. Coming of age has seldom been so diverse, honest or musical….. MAYBE I’M IT – MAYBE I’M NOT

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Gary Powell’s musings while a young man , Maybe I’m It, Maybe I’m Not was written in 1982 while struggling with how to manage a young career burdened with heavy expectations, unseen talent and self-doubt. No doubt this book would have been a blog had they existed in 1982.

“I never liked having to run the gauntlet of record companies, so I was determined to write a book and publish it without asking permission from any presumed authority.” ~ Gary Powell

“Maybe I’m It, Maybe I’m Not” is that effort and now presented in this live
performance of song and story.




Songs from “Maybe I’m It, Maybe I’m Not”

  1. Pablo Picasso
  2. It’s Nice to Know Faces
  3. When Will I Ring the Bells
  4. God’s Gift to Me
  5. Vasectomy
  6. Multi-colored Socks
  7. Was It Wrong?
  8. The Grocery Store Song
  9. I’m Still Here
  10. First Christian Church and Lumber Yard
  11. I Can’t Sleep Without You
  12. Bells of Notre Dame
  13. Forever in the Song
  14. Follow Me

Quotes Taken from “Maybe I’m It – Maybe I’m Not” Book, Script and Lyrics

Some things we learn to late.
Some things we learn to early.
Some things we never learn
And others we never have to.

Prelude from the Book “Maybe I’m It, Maybe I’m Not”

“The difference between romance and love is that romance is not a team sport.”
~ Gary Powell

“There is a danger in “turning out.” Comfort’s most loyal disciple is complacency,
so a “turned-out” citizenry serves no higher utility
than that of a curb to a drain.”
~ Gary Powell

“Pundits. What if we quit listening to you? God forbid, individuals might start showing up everywhere; everywhere but TV, that is. We just might germinate a society where the consumer is downgraded to simple personhood. Then incorporate.
Repeat as needed.”
~ Gary Powell

It’s nice to know faces caring for you
It’s nice to remember they’ll see you through
And it’s nice to someone you can return
All that’s been given and all that’s be learned.

Lyric from the Song “It’s Nice to Know Faces”

“Quasimodo rang those bells with such purpose. By comparison, our lives can feel overly-burdened with insignificance. What if they do it to us on purpose?
There must be great profit in our unimaginative selves.”
~ Gary Powell

When will I ring the bells?
When will it be? Will I compare?
When you ring the bells, I’ll be there.”

Lyric from the Song “When I Ring the Bells”

“I think when media personalities die, faces still intact, they turn into little pessimistic muses whispering their inadequacies in our ears.”
~ Gary Powell