Tom Parish, SEO & Podcasting Guru

By on 5-03-2005 in Podcasting & Podcasts

by Gary Powell
My partner, Amy, and I present a very intimate home concert experience called, “In the Studio with Gary Powell”. I had not met Tom Parish, but we had a mutual friend who informed Tom about our concert series in my recording studio. Tom shot me an e-mail and suggested I might benefit from one of his consulting specialties, Podcasting. We had a fun lunch where he taught me about blogging, podcasting and other life enhancing cyber stuff like Search Engine Optimization….hence his SEO title. I had only heard of Podcasting the week before and had only a vague knowledge of weblogs, which he encouraged me to commit to. A quick visit to Tom’s site gave me all the necessary tools and links to get started in the blogging world. We found out that we both share many interests especially in the audio world. Check out his “TALKING PORTRAITS” where Tom interviews smart and interesting contributors. It’s great to find someone who has business acumen and an active hand in the arts and communication as well. And better yet, we found out we live just across Hwy 290w from each other. Thank you, Tom, for the help. I’m glad to have an ally in the hood.