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Composer/Producer Gary Powell

Chances are that if you have children, you have heard of Gary Powell and his music.  He began working as a composer/producer for Joe Scruggs in 1982 and Walt Disney Records in 1989. Gary continues to write scripts, speeches and complete shows for his clients who include performers, authors, radio hosts, comedians, politicians and iconoclasts.

His true interest, however, is to investigate the duality of human nature, the unspoken communication of humans, emotional slavery and the notion of assigned familial responsibility, the big lie of success, the search for dark matter in the interstellar medium, the dynamic and historic systems of pain avoidance, the role of consciousness in the search for meaning balancing the role of meaning in the search for consciousness, the birth and death of a soul, and the curve of a woman’s ankle; all without having to eat cat food under the Congress Avenue bridge at the end of it all.

Most of Gary Powell’s recording sessions, music business mentoring, lecture notes and other creative projects are here within this site. Navigate through the categories in the left-hand panel which interest you the most. Please feel free to subscribe and then add your voice and experience by contributing your insights on any posts within this site.

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8 thoughts on “Meet & Greet Gary Powell”

  1. I would say you are doing more then investigating the duality of the human condition, you are experiencing, living and teaching about the duality of the human condition.
    All the best. Tom

  2. Your “real job”…I never tire of your questions about existence and knowledge and ethics. Keep up the good work!

  3. This is like the best blog site I have ever seen. And it’s good. And you know I’m an Internet junkie and have been around. First of all, whoever wanted to get into the music business, particularly the aspect you’re in, this offers a lot of insight, mentoring, information, how to (learning the process), and you’re really good with words.

  4. Hey Gary,
    Thanks for your assistance in getting me ready to sing in public again. I learned more in a 1/2 hour with you than 4 years of choir!

  5. Hi Gary!!!
    I just love the pirates CD!! Thanks for helping the guys out on it!!

  6. Who knows why certain notes in music are capable of stirring the listener deeply, though the same notes slightly rearranged are impotent?

  7. Since it is cautiously conceded that composers, poets and visual artists often function in the capacity of philosophers, we should feel reasonably confident in regarding lovers of music, poetry and painting as potential students of philosophy.

  8. Gary,

    What you are doing in Austin is very much exactly what I want to do in Chapel Hill NC. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you. I am just beginning. Thanks!


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