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 Gary Powell, composer/producer | The Integration of History, Music and Self
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Mr. Powell's show was a sort of expansion of the Spaulding Gray monologues, but ad lib and with music.

~ A&E Review, The Westlake Picayune

Opening Spring 2012

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“Aristotle’s Prayer”

The story of our need for legacy, passion, beauty and truth; through the eyes of an extraordinary young girl with the...

“Composer’s Choice”

Come join the personal freedom movement. Gary shares selected songs and stories from all his shows as he feels...

“Maybe I’m It – Maybe I’m Not”

Gary’s book of the same title is a collection of stories and original songs from teaching music in the Texas...

Stuff People Say

Zachary Scott Theater

Zachary Scott Theater

Inventiveness, range and uniqueness describe Gary Powell’s extraordinary musical talent. In a chronicle of his experience, he removes the normal boundaries of theater by encouraging audience participation. Powell explores musical and human relationships with wry wit, original songs, and poignant personal moments in a “Randy Newman” styled concert guaranteed to delight.
~ Austin, Texas

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