“Maybe I’m It – Maybe I’m Not” Reviews

By on 4-28-2005 in Maybe I'm It, Maybe I'm Not

The reviews below followed Gary Powell’s original one-man show based on his 1982 book “Maybe I’m It – Maybe I’m Not” presented at Zachary Scott Theater in Austin, Texas as originally performed in 1997.

Maybe I'm It - Maybe I'm Not


“Inventiveness, range and uniqueness describe Gary Powell’s extraordinary musical talent. In a chronicle of his experience, he removes the normal boundaries of theater by encouraging audience participation. Powell explores musical and human relationships with wry wit, original songs, and poignant personal moments in a “Randy Newman” styled concert guaranteed to delight.”

Gary Powell’s First One-man Show

“Maybe I’m It, Maybe I’m Not”

By on 4-28-2005 in Maybe I'm It, Maybe I'm Not

Gary Powell at Zachary Scott Theatre Photo

by Gary Powell

This was my first one-man show titled after my book by the same name. The book was written in the early 1980’s as the musings of a young man struggling with learning how to manage a young career burdened with heavy expectations, talent and self-doubt. No doubt this work would have been a blog had they existed in 1982. I never liked having to run the gauntlet of record companies, so I was determined to write a book and publish it without asking any authorities’ permission. “Maybe I’m It, Maybe I’m Not” is that effort. Fifteen years later, I adapted the work into a solo musical performance at Zachary Scott Theatre Center in Austin, Texas and performed it in the Spring of 1997.