The Body Beat Pulsing Metronome

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Body Beat Pulsing Metronome
by Gary Powell

If you are ready for an entirely different method of keeping better time with your own internal clock, the Body Beat Pulsing Metronome may be just for you. This is the new millennium’s latest version of the good-ole metronome we have all grown to hate and which was only, and almost always, an annoying audio click or beep. Simply put, the Peterson BB-1 Body Beat Pulsing Metronome changes the human interface of the metronomic beat from an aural experience to a vibratory one.

Larry Seyer’s “Power Kits”

Released by Tascam

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by Gary Powell
Larry Seyer Power Kits

I’ve been using “Larry Seyer’s Acoustic Drums” library since its release for the GigaStudio platform in 2005! When programming drum samples is appropriate I have implemented Larry Seyer’s library with stellar success creating happy clients. Larry has now reformatted these same samples as a virtual instrument called POWERkits. It’s difficult to explain something as complex as all this in a non-technical way for my readers who are not studio geeks, so here goes anyway.

Four Tube Condenser Microphones Tested

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Gary Powell & Marty Lesterby Gary Powell

Marty Lester (young guy on the right), audio engineer from the Austin production studio, Tequila Mockingbird, helped me compare four cardioid tube microphones;
As pictured – Top left: Mojave MA200 $1k (Mojave Audio) / Top right: Rode NTV $1k / Bottom Left: Manley Reference $2.7k / Bottom Right: AT-4060 $1.4k (Audio Technica)

This quest started when I heard an Austin CD engineered by Marty Lester back in 1999 for artist Robert Kraft. I thought this was maybe the best vocal sound I had ever heard recorded, so I called Marty to find out how he did it. The microphone was a Manley Reference recorded through an Avalon mic-pre.

Larry Seyer’s Acoustic Drum Library

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I’ve been a fan of GigaStudio since it first came out. I’ve also been working with Larry Seyer in the studio since 1978. He’s played guitar and/or mixed over 100 albums I’ve produced. The Larry Seyer Acoustic Bass library has been a staple with me for years and now he’s given us the Acoustic Drum Library. Check out his site and download the video demo which is a quick tutorial of the library all shot in my studio. The sounds are awesome and so is the interface.