“ELESVEE” (Lone Star Voices)

Vocal Arts in the Recording Studio / Training Beginning Summer 2016

What: Vocal/Studio Training for Students for All Ages and Continuing Vocal/Studio Training for Performing & Recording Professionals

Elesvee Coaches: All instructors are singers who have trained with and/or sung in composer/producer Gary Powell’s recording studio.

Student Singers: Vocal Arts Educational systems often misgauge a singer’s musical aptitude. Consequently,at Elesvee, all singers apply for training and are chosen through an audition process designed to determine musical aptitude beyond the quality of the voice itself.

Nature of Training: This training is designed for the most talented vocalists and is broader than simple voice lessons. It is immersive and intensively musical, even across technology. Portions of every session are recorded for home reference.

Audio Engineers: Our Audio Engineers have also been trained by Gary specifically in the art and technology of recording vocal sessions. They will be present for each singer’s recording sessions. We prefer to use the term “session” rather than the more traditional “voice lesson.”

Subscription Model: We will offer several levels of subscription.

What We Expect: Gary Powell has been coaching and training singers in recording studios, university workshops, kids workshops, and private sessions his entire career, which is extensive. Gary and the Elesvee coaches all expect rapid improvement in vocal tone, pitch accuracy, improvisation, speed in learning, and genre specific stylizations.