Joseph Stalin Orchestrates Ukranian Genocide

“I’m Gonna Get My Needs” from Aristotle’s Prayer

By on 11-19-2005 in Aristotle's Prayer

by Gary PowellJoseph_Stalin_photo

Americans have hardly heard of the “famine genocide” perpetrated on Ukranian farmers (kulaks) in 1932-33 by Joseph Stalin. With not enough bullets to bring about his solution of collectivism, he chose to confiscate the farmer’s lives by stealing their livestock, seeds, tools and finally by blockading the whole of the Ukraine. Forced collectivism combined with a paranoid leader in Joseph Stalin parented this 20th century crime on humanity called “Holodomor”. Uncle Joe, as President Roosevelt referred to him, was responsible for some 10 million deaths in this genocide of starvation, also called the “Artificial Famine”, and some 40 million total deaths across Russia not including the dead from WWII.

This man and his minions have to be the expressed antithesis of Aristotle’s teachings. Certainly Aristotle’s ethics could embrace our modern knowledge of psychology and the integration of the study of psychology into our cognitive content so that a Joseph Stalin will never happen again!

“At the famine’s height, 25,000 people per day were dying. As the winter wore on, Ukraine became a panorama of horror.” – James Perloff for the New American.

I’m Gonna Get My Needs Met

(Joseph Stalin’s Demands)
Music and Lyric by Gary Powell

Verse 1
You’ll get connected, respected
It’s my campaign pledge
It’s time to start plowin’, don’t drive this wedge
No farmin’ is alarmin’
You’re like a bad debt

But I’m gonna get my needs met
I’m gonna get my needs

Verse 2
While we’re protecting, we’re expecting
You to do the right thing
Here’s what’s in it for you
Nothin’ really,
Just this old-fashioned threat

That I’m gonna get my needs met
I’m gonna get my needs

Chorus 1
You’re selfish and you’re stinghy
That’s self-evident here
So, leave the big picture to me
The whole darn country’s gonna love me to death
Between you and me, you’ll just be put to death

(Spoken) Death rhymes with death, right?

Verse 3
I’ll starve you and carve you,
Your seeds won’t divide
I’ll take poetic license to help you decide
I won’t delay it, belay it
I’m not even upset

But I’m gonna get my needs met
I’m gonna get my needs

Chorus 2
You’re stinghy, petty, whiney
Yes, it’s all about you
You’re one big bipolar group
(Spoken: Selfish people)
The whole damn country’s gonna love me to death
While I’m taking what was yours
And passin’ it on to the rest
(Spoken) We’re all in this together, really,
aren’t we now?

Verse 4
We have surrounded and pounded
‘til nothing will grow
Well, growth’s really not my thing
It’s preferential, beneficial
Your little stomach upset

Than me not to get my needs met
I always get my needs met
I always get my needs
I always get my needs

(Copyright 2005 Jesmax Music, BMI)


  1. That is scary lyrics for a children’s song writer!

    Is there a split personality or did Gary get lost?

  2. Well, I’m not really a children’s songwriter. That career path was all an accident which, btw, has been good to me. These songs and ideas have always been a part of my life before the lighter fare.

    Split? How about a personality which is both conscious and integrated instead of “split”? Lost connotes a separateness from what is known, or more unfortuantely, from what is simply uncomfortable. A discomforted populace is easier to control, if that is one’s aim, than a population of fully conscious individuals.

    Thanks for your comment and question! — Gary

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