Can Music Survive the Music Industry?

Texas Enterprise Speaker Series Gary Powell

Big Ideas from the University of Texas? You bet! Special Projects Marketing Manager Gayle Hight, at the Red McCombs School of Business, has invited me to speak at the Texas Enterprise Speaker Series. Having attended one of these presentations, I can report that they might be described as an extended TedTalk across a wide range of topics offering extraordinary insights with practical solutions from outstanding communicators. I am happy and honored to be included in this bunch of exceptional people. Please join us on September, 5, 2013.

“The business of music has been failing ever since some prehistoric herdsman improvised a song to his favorite yak. Unfortunately, he did this without the protection of representation or intellectual property law. Long before Spotify, the downward trend had begun. Burdened with the unwieldy underpinnings of avarice and corruption, the makers of music have suffered. From the court of King Frederick II of Prussia to present-day corporate strategies, the music, this natural vessel for humanity’s understanding of itself, has also suffered. Why? We now curry favor by offering the promise of celebrity in trade for legal control and ownership of intellectual property. The musicians are left fallow, land plowed but not planted, and not just causing, but demanding their property be anything but intellectual. The story of this business model now has an upside: the liberation of talent by supporting musical aspiration with effective yet seldom-implemented business strategies. ~ Gary Powell


  • How can artists find the balance of income versus artistic freedom?
  • What business and artistic strategies can contribute to musicians developing and adopting informed decisions in creating a sustainable life-style?
  • Despite the egregious nature of this profession, why does it endure?

  • How digital technological advancements effect both music and profits.
  • How to identify young people who seem to have all the talent and determination to pursue music as a prudent career choice.
  • How to determine which educational construct will support a music student’s breadth of talent.
  • How to support performing musicians and recording artists individually and systemically, regardless of celebrity.
  • How music effects the world’s cultural expansion and developmental losses.
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