Your Big Break

by Gary Powell

When we take action, initiate; we put into motion all kinds of good things that can happen. Maybe it’s kind of like the “break” on a pool table. You don’t have to be an expert for balls to fall in the pocket. Just don’t quit shooting, even if temporarily blocked from entering the pool hall. Choose to not take the shot at all and the less talented than you will get the break. So, simple. Take the shot.

3 thoughts on “Your Big Break”

  1. There is great truth in this statement. Life is happening and it will continue to happen while you are “waiting” for that big break. Seize the day …. carpe diem!

  2. This blog entry is simple, yet still very powerful. As Powell says, when taking the shot many good things have the possibility of happening. It is important to draw the comparison between “breaking” in a game of pool and promoting all of your talents in order to increase the chances of being successful in one or multiple areas. If you approach the music industry from the “I will try one thing at a time, and if I fail I’ll try something else” perspective, current competition levels in the music business will most likely lead you to many wasted years of “waiting for success.” The better option is to approach the music business from multiple angles, tapping into different streams of revenue at one given point in time.

  3. This entry focuses on one of the lessons many of us are taught when growing up, but often ignore: just try! Many people look at a dream of theirs, from being a professional singer to the President of the United States, and simply say “I could never do that” or “why bother, when there are so many people out there better than me?” instead of actually going for it. Those people lose great opportunities that may have completely changed their lives. Powell has it right: “Take the shot.”

    (although one has to wonder what happens when you accidentally miss the cue ball…)

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