Gary Powell on Your Grocer’s Shelves

“Gary Powell on Your Grocer’s Shelf” 2002 Press Release
(248 Word Count)

Gary Powell SongsAs one of the nation’s preimminent composers for children, Gary Powell has reached his ultimate goal. In July, 2002 Kellogg’s released, for public consumption, three million cereal boxes of “Hunny B’s” and three million cereal boxes of “Buzz Blasts”. The “Buzz Blasts” cereal box contains a single CD with two Powell songs which he produced for Kellogg’s, Disney and Pixar. The “Hunny B’s” cereal box contains two more Powell songs which were produced for Kellogg’s and Disney.Powell ‘s musical style suggests a long association with cereal. No one knows exactly what that means, however, with what seems to be the musician’s equivalent to being pictured on a Wheaties box, Powell notes, “I ‘ve always figured I’d have songs placed in Coco Puffs or Captain Crunch, but to jump to the level of Kellogg’s in my lifetime could be nothing more than a dream. My parents always said that ‘cream rises to the top’. Who would have guessed that to be literally true.”Powell says his mission statement as a producer was first inspired when he was a child eating cereal straight from the Kellogg’s box which read, “We provide high quality, great tasting products for you and your family.” With that as his mantra, Powell has since sold over twenty million tasty musical products for familles in forty-three countries.Powell notes, “Most musicians think of Nashville, Los Angeles or New York as recording centers. For me it has always been Battle Creek, Michigan….the home of Kellogg’s”

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