Joe York

In Memoriam (1957-2007)

by Gary Powell

Singer-Actor Joe York

Joe York’s life was somehow substantive without arrogance and beautiful with neither posing or posturing. The vocal performances he delivered over a twenty year period in my studio cannot be held appropriately significant in a simple list as below. Although all these songs were performed beautifully, it’s Joe’s presence we will all miss the most.

Joe’s memorial tribute was held at Austin’s Outdoor Zilker Park Theater on September 8th, 2007. All of us who have shared Joe’s theatrical and personal life will carry his warm, gentle spirit with us forever. None of us, however, will ever reproduce his rich baritone voice which was solely Joe’s gift to all of us who have ever have heard him.

To learn more about Joe York and his influence on Austin, please read “Losing Joe” by Austin writer, Michael Barnes.

These Joe York performances below can be found on various Walt Disney Records recordings and the other recordings listed below. Please note that I do not sell these recordings. For more information please go directly to Walt Disney Records or follow the links below for specific titles.

Various Walt Disney Records Solo Performances

Dear Heart, Bella Notte, Never Smile at a Crocodile, Once Upon a Dream, I Think I’d be Perfect for You,
It’s a Sunny, Sunny Day, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, So This is Love

Various Walt Disney Records Choral or Group Work

YMCA, Rhinos, Rhinos Can’t Be Beat, Great, Great Gargantuan Gorillas, The Parade

“Through My Eyes” by Composer Gary Powell

Was It Wrong?

“Rhapsody of the Soul” Ballet Composed by Gary Powell

Suavis Unitas Ne Discedas, Timens Decedende Timens Manendi

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Joe York

In Memoriam (1957-2007)”

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