Texas Singer/Songwriter Donna Dorrell

in the Studio with Gary Powell

by Gary Powell

Let’s tell the story of a woman courting a deep East Texas drawl, Donna Dorrell, who finds and shares a defining perspective from her life through songwriting. Is her disarmingly insightful lyric born from the song-farms of major recording centers, or from somewhere else? That rhetorical question is only meant to wake us up to the idea that people like Donna Dorrell who have lived a conscious and mindful life make excellent artists – regardless of age.

I am so pleased to share Donna’s first video which we shot in the studio in one take. This is real singing with a real songwriter and great players. I hope you will watch it, comment, shout encouragement and go to iTunes and support it. Otherwise, this talent pool and writers like Donna Dorrell with her gift of perceptiveness, will continue to shrink even further as our most high-functioning writers move their talents to more fertile professions. Congratulations Donna for stepping up and sharing your life. I’m so proud to be a part of it.

“If You Knew Your Heart”

(Music and Lyrics by Donna Dorrell)
Donna Dorrell – Vocal
Larry Seyer – Guitars and Ukulele
Luis Coutinho – Percussion
Gene Elders – Fiddle
Gary Powell – Musical Arranger/Producer

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Texas Singer/Songwriter Donna Dorrell

in the Studio with Gary Powell”

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