“Aristotle’s Prayer”

The story of our need for legacy, passion, beauty and truth; through the eyes of an extraordinary young girl with the pure heart of a master teacher……..ARISTOTLE’S PRAYER.


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The truth is that Eris Totle, a girl considered by her peers as ageless and knowing, could bend history to her liking. She could at once hold knowledge, beauty and humanity in her every thought. She lived outside common thought and common expectation, yet she was no mystic, nor would anyone take her for anything other than a youthful, exuberant girl. That is, unless they caught the glimmer in her eyes or her left raised eyebrow. Then you would know her through how you felt just being in her presence. She was once quoted, “I don’t know what your job is, but mine is to fully understand and finally gaze from within the beauty that is me. In this ever so illusive place, within me and within you, all our parts become one, whole and at once BEAUTIFUL.” She was nine years old. She is also Aristotle’s prayer for the world.


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                                        Helen Darling, singer                        Kenna Chris, singer

Lizzie Brooks “Performance Yoga”


Quotes Taken from “Aristotle’s Prayer” Script and Lyrics


“We trip, stumble and run after beauty, as we each define it, trying to capture and hold it tightly, all the while claiming it as mine. Beauty is illusive in this game and like a wild stallion is most magnificent when not named, penned, owned or branded.”
~ Gary Powell

Joseph Stalin’s Holodomor; The Artificial Famine

“At the famine’s height, 25,000 people per day were dying. As the winter wore on, Ukraine became a panorama of horror.”
~ James Perloff for the New American.

“The big idea is this: the world CAN be known and our ability to reason remains
our best hope for surviving. This is as expressed by Aristotle some 2300 years ago and is an idea still struggling under the weight of still-born conformity.. and pancakes.”
~ Gary Powell

“Aristotle said, ‘All men by nature desire knowledge. this is where the relationship between knowledge, self-discovery and beauty are all intertwined… for the unconscious, either their’s or our’s, to ruin.” ~ Gary Powell

“Hell, most everyone has experienced betrayal, but seldom are we aware when our APTITUDE or our POSSIBILITIES have been hijacked! There is a law against this…
but we lost it.” ~ Gary Powell

“Galileo, one of the greatest minds ever produced by humanity, was sentenced to life in prison for THINKING. Consequently, no one runs that risk anymore.”

~ Gary Powell

Illusion here knows no bounds.
Betrayal here makes no sounds.
Employed at your discretion.
Now mine by your deception.
In the shadow of your fear,
How do I go on from here?

Lyric from the Song “How Do I Go On From Here”

“Finding the best use for our individual nature hardly has any place for habit,
yet, we are…. both habituated and institutionalized
across almost every thought and behaviour.” ~ Gary Powell

Each moment’s been filled with a new loss to mourn.
But life has just spoken, an offer, a token;
a boy has been born.

Lyric from the Song “A Boy Has Been Born”

“Rosa Parks’ triumphant moment of reason over darkness has earned her place not in the back of the bus – but at the front of Aristotle’s Prayer. ~ Gary Powell

I see a hand that’s down your pants, you’ve taken no notice before.
You’ve been led astray, I hate to say, the hand it is not yours,
Oh, which side of the penny is yours, me lad?
Which side of the penny is yours?

Lyric from the Song “Which Side of the Penny is Yours?”

“A famous painting depicting Galileo’s trial in front
of the Catholic church tribunal was just beggin’ for a lyric…
so I offered Galileo “The Boys in Red”… retroactively. ~ Gary Powell

To sit in judgment is a wonderful thing.
We’re wanna-be pontiffs of the most right-wing.
We decide who starves and we decide who’s fed,
cause everybody answers to the boys in red.

Lyric from the Song “The Boys in Red”


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  1. 5-1-2012

    Finally: something for the rest of us! Powerful, intense, energetic,intelligent, sweet, aslant, heretical in the holiest sense. Thank you, thank you.

  2. 5-1-2012

    “Aristotle’s Prayer” is an educational experience both historically and personally. It leaps over religious barriers of any kind; those by which we are subtly seduced to adopt and integrate into our framework. The message is deeply loving and wonderfully not judgmental of self or others.

    “Aristotle’s Prayer” highlights the innocent courage it takes for learning our own humanness, lengths and limitations. Through the eyes of an innocent soul we find a genuine quest for personal value, which in turn appreciates and values others in the world with us, and around us.

    Gary Powell’s authentic life is expressly revealed when we, as audience members and friends, hear his final words and wishes…..a life of love and value, of hope and happiness, a journey of being alive and truly loving those we are so blessed to be alive with in this world. HIS words are worth hearing. Most impressing, as Gary’s wishes grow larger, he seems to recede behind the message, no exaltation of his own. Now THAT’S awesome!

  3. 7-1-2012

    Such talent, enthusiasm, emotion, and depth makes life so meaningful. Gary Powell has a way of bringing much more to life than we knew we were personally capable of through his artistry and music. I look forward to your future work Gary, and I know it will continue to be great.