“Obscura la Noche” Signed to Jesmax Music, BMI

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Guity Movie Poster

The Gary Powell song, “Obscura la Noche, Obscuro el Dia” (Dark the Night, Dark the Day) was signed by Powell’s Austin music publisher Jesmax Music, BMI for placement in the Gabriel Folse film, “Guilty.” The song is performed by Los Angeles singer, Sara Traina, who was referred to the song’s producer Gary Powell by Hank Olguin, who also translated the English lyric to Spanish.



Obscura la Noche
(Obscuro el Dia)

Music and Lyrics by Gary Powell
(Spanish Translation by Hank Olguin)

“Welcome to the Storm”

Music for The University of Texas Football Website

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MC Overlord, Larry SeyerThe amazing University of Texas Football website has a new song written and produced by Austin composer, Gary Powell, and performed by Austin hip-hop artist MC Overlord. Cloud storms gather on the ceiling of the UT football team locker room. Again they gather in the tunnel before the team enters the Darrell Royal Memorial Stadium with 94,114 pairs of eyes focused on victory. Totally, this moment needs a song of strength, unity and unbridled masculinity. This is the energy I was charged to create in the song and production entitled, “Welcome to the Storm,” now underscoring the new University of Texas Football website.

Jesmax Music, BMI has “Sweet Dreams Too”

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Written and sung by Austin composer and songwriter Gary Powell, the sleepy song, “Sweet Dreams Too,” has been placed by Jesmax Music, BMI on two albums released by Walt Disney Records: Winnie the Pooh Lullabies, and Luv-a-byes, which was first released in 2004. Longtime Austin session player and audio engineer Larry Seyer accompanies Sweet Dreams Too on a 1969 Gibson Dove acoustic guitar.


This song becomes progressively sleepier as it goes!
Do not attempt to operate heavy equipment while listening.

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This CD can be purchased at the links provided by clicking on the artwork.

Pulling Santa’s Sleigh for Jesmax Music, BMI

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GarySanta Claus continues to be “Pulling Santa’s Sleigh” with the Gary Powell song of the same name loaded onboard the album, “Fairy Tale Holiday” released on Walt Disney Records Christmas 2008. The album reached it’s peak on the Billboard 200 at #34 on January 17, 2009.

Gary Powell wrote and produced the song which was sung by the longtime veteran of Powell Studio Productions, Craig Toungate, who delivered a very convincing reindeer-like performance. This is the second placement of “Pulling Santa’s Sleigh” for Jesmax Music. The song was originally released on the Disney album, “Disney’s Santa Sing-Along” in 2004.

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This CD was released in 2008 exclusively in Target stores across the country.

Yakov Smirnoff Sails into Branson

with the “Pirates of the Black Tide”

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Yakov Smirnoff Pirates of the Black Tide
by Gary Powell

Yakov Smirnoff and I first met while sailing together as “Cruise Directors of the Caribbean” in 1978. We were twenty-five years ahead of Captain Jack Sparrow’s appearance. Did we both actually dress up like pirates on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Pirates’ Night? Of course we did, but, in 2008, Yakov is doing it again and in style! This time he and his cast from “The Yakov Smirnoff Show” are singing a parody of my tune, “Pirates of the Black Tide,” not on the high seas, but in Branson, Missouri. Did our earlier Caribbean swashbuckling-midnight-buffet adventures set up this new collaboration thirty years later? Oh, there are too many escapades to tell that we will both take with us down to Davy Jones locker!

It’s “The Perfect Doggie Day” at Jesmax Music, BMI

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101 Dalmations and Friends CD Art
Jesmax Music, BMI has added “The Perfect Doggie Day” with words and music composed by Gary Powell to its catalog of songs. Gary Powell also served as producer/arranger of the song which is on the album entitled “Disney’s 101 Dalmatians and Friends” releasing March 4th, 2008 on Walt Disney Records. The song was recorded in Austin, Texas at Powell Studio Productions and the album was compiled by Walt Disney Records VP, Ted Kryczko. Congratulations to Steve Sterling on his very cleverly designed album and CD artwork.

“Hamburgers burnt, hambugers soggy.
It’s all good when you’re the doggie.”

Lyric from “The Perfect Doggie Day”

The song is performed by Austin singer, Trent Durham, a long time contributor for Powell Studio Productions. Trent made a previous appearance for the Walt Disney Records’ album, “Disney’s Song Factory – Dinosaur (Songs Inspired by Aladar’s Adventure)” on the song “Paradise” released in 1999. Trent continues to write and perform in Austin, Texas. The guitar parts were all played by Austin recording session guitarist extraordinaire Larry Seyer of Larry Seyer Digital. The male background vocals were performed by Zach Reiner-Harris, Ian Stuart, Ryan Farnsworth and Jeffrey Benson Parker, who were all students from the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California at Irvine. We found these young singers during auditions for the Recording Experience hosted by Ted Kryczko and held at Jeff Sheridan’s studio, Soundworks, in North Hollywood, California.

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